Workshop at Downpatrick

A couple of weeks ago I held a two day workshop with Down Arts on basic mosaic skills. Eleven people came along, most of whom had not done any mosaic before but turned out to have an innate sense of design. I brought along most of my stock of tiles so there was a good range of materials and colours. My aim was for everyone to get one piece completed by the end of the first day so it would be ready to grout the next and to introduce the indirect method so that each person could take home a piece on paper backing to install somewhere of their choice.

I covered the principles of laying out mosaic and as usual people varied in what type of mosaic they wanted to make; some had come with ideas and some were inspired by the materials and possibly the examples I showed them. By the end of day one most people had finished a piece and those who had not were able to at the begining of day two, so everyone got a piece grouted in the end. It is important to experience the techniques for oneself. Participants got the feeling for the indirect method and hopfully were able to understand it's advantages even though they were only able to see a demonstration of the actual fixing.

There are a lot of hints and techniques one learns through the years which I was able to pass on, it's quicker than learning from a book, and perhaps those who took part will be able to progress onto more ambitious projects.