Mosaic is a wonderfully versatile art form. Because of the durability of it's materials it can become an intrinsic part of the architecture and can be used in a whole variety of situations; interior wall, floor or even window glass surfaces, or on exterior walls and on three - dimensional surfaces. Bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and other parts of the home can be transformed into unique and special living spaces with a bespoke mosaic design. It provides texture in pattern and colour which continuously delights the eye.

DiagonalsDesigns can be vibrant or calming whatever the situation requires. The layout of the tiles, whether in undulating lines, calming horizontals, dynamic diagonals or irregular shapes, creates a suitable mood.

Materials are chosen carefully for each piece according to function and surrounding environment. Glass, vitrified ceramic, glazed ceramic, stone and mirror all have their own special qualities. Glass comes in a wide range of colours and tones, some vibrant, some subtlely varied. Broken glazed ceramic can provide jazzy effects while more subdued earth colours are found in unglazed ceramic.

DiagonalsMost of Sally's mosaics are made using the indirect method whereby the work is done in the studio. The tiles are stuck to a paper facing on which the design is drawn, the whole piece is divided into sections then reassembled and fixed in situ. This indirect method means that the surface is very even therefore easy to clean.